Best Spirit Ghost Box in the World. 1st test, SCARY message. Wonder Box Gold.

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July 1, 2017 6:21 am Published by

A bold claim I the title, yes I know but this has been a long journey for me over years of tweaking, building and testing. With the spirits help over the years I have no created my “statement piece” to show what it is that I can accomplish today in ITC.

This is the best box I have ever made and features all of the latest enhancements over my last 6 months of testing. This Wonder Box is unique any other I have made, and unlike ANY box ever made. It is made for clarity, maximum response and energy and now I wonder if maybe, just maybe I have gone to far. The last message is a little un nerving.

Much more to come from this and I will show it working with radios, apps, and even my own voice. Stay tuned.

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