I’m Back! A Focused Spirit Session, with a Wonder Box. Trying to Solve a Death Mystery.

September 22, 2017 4:23 am
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Hello Friends, I am back and as I have been telling you all in my last 4-5 videos, I am dipping my toes in, to prepare and build up my connection for future sessions I really want to be successful. My new device is not yet ready, as I am waiting n parts but low and behold, someone I sold a Wonder Box to long ago, sent it back to me as a donation to use for my upcoming focused work. He is getting out of the field.

I did not think I was ready, but it’s now or never and all is explained in detail in this very interesting focused session where I try to find answers to a recent death that has been publicized.

While no hard answers came in there were valid responses to my questions that were relevant. This is only the start. When my new device is ready, and I get even more focused I feel the upcoming sessions, one on one, with others will be pretty amazing.

Thank you all, love and light to everyone. No rude comments, no demon comments, no mean comments will be allowed or tolerated here. Thank you.


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