Introducing The Wonder Box White. A Spirit Box with Maximum Intelligent Response.

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October 12, 2017 6:32 pm Published by

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Full focused session tonight or tomorrow.

Yes, what you hear in this video is all spirit speaking. This new box, even though it is not done yet, was made for max response and maximumintelligentresponse. Will it work as planned? No idea until I use it for a few sessions but here is the 1st look. I had to do a sound. test so I let it run while I filmed int with a slider. I did not speak throughout, so I let them say what they wanted during the sound test. Will be tweaking it tonight, and using it for a focused session.

It is about 90% complete, this Wonder Box White. Still need to tweak a few things and add the correct human antenna with crystals. It all costs so much money so I have been taking my time, buying parts as I can. I made it white, for “White Light” so will be adding some white light next week so the box will have a white light glow. under and around it.

So after some sound tweaks, more crystals, and the light I feel it will be the most powerful responsive spirit box device in the world. It may already be. I do not sell these or offer them for sale. Sorry.

Stay tuned here to follow my journey and sessions with this new box.

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