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Paranormal Experiment, paranormalactivity- caught on camera- at haunted Horsefly Chronicles house -haunted by DEMONS / ALIENS. LIVE-Paranormal Research multiple devices used for communication to validate the existence of spirit, alien, demonic phenomena occurring in the Siracusa home and document paranormalactivity, unseen forces and malevolent entities at The Horsefly House………. presenting believers and cynics alike with paranormal experiments conducted by qualified and the best in the paranormal field to participate live on camera at the Extreme Haunted Horsefly Chronicles House. This show will be presenting paranormal phenomena related to the Horsefly Chronicles Case!
Host ~ Phil Siracuse, Author, Horsefly Chronicles, Karissa Fleck, Psychic-Medium
Channel Host ~ Paranormal Zone TV – Norene Sampiere Balovich
Guest – Jeromy Jones, Paranormal Investigator
Bio – Jeromy Jones is a paranormal Investigator, Engineer and President of Paranologies custom ghost hunting equipment. From each paranormal case taken on, he usually builds a new piece of equipment to help aid in the documentation of a Paranormal Investigation. To date he has invented and Engineered over 50 products to the public for this purpose. All of his equipment is hand built from scratch and have been featured on Tv shows such as Ghost Hunters, The Haunted, My Ghost Story, Ghost Asylum, Haunted Australia and the 2015 Feature film Poltergeist.

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